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Another Great Message by Evangelist Mark Kittrell

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

I have needed this week. It seems that it is so easy as a Pastor to spend my time and focus on ministering to others, that the concept of being ministered to never even comes up, but this week has been a good week for me to be recharged as well.

Last night, Mr. Kittrell preached another great message, this time on "Passing the Test of Obedience." The text from which he preached was Genesis 22 - the passage that tells of Abraham's obedience in offering Isaac.

Focusing on Abraham's obedient faith, Mr. Kittrell reminded us that obedience demands Attentiveness, Promptness, Work, Faith, and Sacrifice. I am always struck by Abraham's complete trust and consideration of God's Words when I think of this story. Abraham knew that God would not deny Himself and that gave him the confidence that he would return with his son - even after going to sacrifice his son.

I also found it interesting that my eight-year old son took some unexpected applications out of the sermon. In the process of putting him down for bed last night and praying with him and tucking him in, I asked him to do something and he responded by mentioning his need to obey with promptness.

Looking forward to two more nights.

Just my thoughts,