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Now I really have to write something

Saturday, November 05, 2005

My time of this blog being totally private is now officially over. I do not know how many people will actually visit here, but now that I am actually listed on Andy Efting's Blogroll over at Unsearchable Riches and I have added this site to my sig over at Sharper Iron and at the FFBC Forums I guess I need to learn to actually start writing something that is worthwhile on occassion. (I guess I should also learn how to add a blog roll to this site when I figure it out so that I can reciprocate Andy's listing as well as some other blogs that I find intersting or helpful.)

I put a sitemeter on this blog yesterday afternoon and discovered that I had already had 33 page views (UPDATED 11/6/05 - I wanted to clarify that it was 33 page views, not 33 unique visits) by this afternoon. Wow. That is much more traffic than our church website over at gets.

Just my thoughts,