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A Welcome and a Good-Bye

Thursday, November 10, 2005

First, I would like to welcome all of you who have made your way over here from Greg's listing of this blog in his recent "Weblog Watch" over at SharperIron. You have come in during a time of special meetings at Messiah Baptist Fellowship in Salisbury, Maryland, which has been the focus of the "Thoughts" for the last few days. I am still new at writing my own "blog" (I am much more accustomed to commenting on SI, etc.), but feel free to look around and comment.

Tonight marked the end of our special meetings with Evangelist J. Mark Kittrell at Messiah Baptist Fellowship. We had another good turn-out tonight and it was good to see some visitors come out again. I believe that God used the preaching again and I think it has been good for our church to have these meetings. Since this is the first time of hosting meetings for me as Pastor, I was not really sure what to expect when I started planning things. A big part of me wishes I would have went ahead and scheduled the meetings for the whole week, instead of just until Wednesday.

Tonight's meesage was on I Thessalonians 5:1-11. Mr. Kittrell dealt with the Characteristics of the Day of the Lord, the Character we have in light of the Day of the Lord, and the Comforting of each other in regards to the Day of the Lord. (Sorry for the very short synopsis, I am writing this without my Bible and notes handy at 4 something in the morning after a storm woke me up and the dog needed out). It has been good to hear Mr. Kittrell preach again this week. I always enjoyed the seriousness and the thoroughness with which he preached the Word when I traveled with him on the Minutemen Evangelistic Team back in 1991.

Tonight in particular was a little bittersweet. Saying "Good-bye" is such a hard thing for Missy and I and after finally re-acquainting ourselves with some "old" friends, it is hard to imagine that the week is already over. God speed to you, Kittrell family, may God continue to show Himself strong to you and through you.

Just my thoughts (and prayers),