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Frank needs

Friday, November 25, 2005

Okay, so this post is frivilous and a bad example of following the crowd.

I have noticed on a few blogs the idea of googling "YOUR NAME needs" and then reporting back the results. I was curious and thought I would try it. Some of the results are probably a little too close to home!!

* Frank needs Sensitivity Training

* Frank needs To Grow a Spine

* Frank needs You! And Three frineds ...

* Frank needs to put a limit on his work hours

* Dr. Frank needs information

* Dr. Frank needs our help!

* Frank needs neck messages

* Frank needs good food and comfortable furniture

That is just on the first page.

Anyway, just thought I would provide a little mindless dribble. Not like there is not enough of that already on the internet.

Just my thoughts,




Frank Coyle said...

Bizarrely, I was doing exactly the same thing and one of my top ten results was another Frank listing his "frank needs" results. Funny.

Frank Coyle