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Happy Birthday to my best bud!

Saturday, November 19, 2005

Saturday is the 9th birthday of my eldest and only son, Josiah Steven.

It is hard to believe that it has already been nine years since the Lord brought this precious child into our lives. Looking at some old pictures earlier this week brought me to tears as I thought of how quickly time is passing. My precious little baby boy is growing up into a nice young man. We don't play "lizards and sharks" anymore and it has been a long time since I rocked you to sleep or played "yes, no" as we drove down the road. It won't be too long before my little boy is a man and I wonder where all the time has went.

It seems like only yesterday that we were waiting for you to be born - briefly thinking we had lost you. Watching with prayer and fear as they cut mommy open so you could be born. It seems like only yesterday that we lived in that little upstairs apartment in Moorestown and worried about your heavy little footsteps disturbing our not-so-friendly downstairs neighbors. It seems like only yesterday that you used to stand at the fence and yell across the street to "D.J." wanting him to come over and play when we lived in Mt. Holly. It seems like only yesteday we were headed to VBS at Heritage and you surprised me by being able to spell B-I-B-L-E as a not-quite three year old.

The time has flown over these last few years. You have started school and done well - making your daddy proud of your behavior as well as your academics. You have done your best as you played soccer, and basketball, and baseball. I remember riding in Grandma Big Truck's semi from Illinois so that I could be there to coach your first intramural soccer game and watching as you saw me show up when we weren't sure we were going to make it.

The thing that I have enjoyed probably most of all the last couple of years is seeing you mature in your walk with Christ. Sitting in the living room in Hardingville as your responded to the Gospel. Praying with you at bedtime and seeing you burdened for your friends and others. Having conversations about what you want to do when you grow up and hearing you answer our neighbor boy's questions about God by quoting a catechism that was the exact answer to the question he had asked. Even having conversations like tonight about the sin that your daddy was involved in at your age and how God has spared you from experiencing the same things in your life.

I love you, Josiah. You are my best bud. I pray that you will continue to live up to your names. Josiah - the boy king who served God from a youth and Steven - the man of God who served God unto death.

Happy Birthday, son, I love you.